Train like a Champion and let the Energy bounce off the screen!

“Our body shapes might be different but our capabilities are limitless…”




Train like a champion with these 21 themed workouts to aid your physical and mental wellbeing. Whether it be with recreational sports, gym sessions, dancing, running…it’s about finding your routine that suits you; one that you can incorporate into your daily life over the coming weeks and months.

The concept of Energy6 is based around six unique workouts spread across the week, five of these covering multiple areas of fitness and one being your active recovery. Each workout lasts just 30 minutes to facilitate your time, environment or your personalised routine. From everyday lives to professional sports, Energy6 gives you a variety and balance to train on the go and at your own leisure.

Find that additional 1% each day whether it be an exercise routine, a movement or feel-good factor that increases your knowledge and understanding of your own body. Our body shapes might be different but our capabilities are limitless; it’s about stepping out of your comfort zone, believing in yourself and anything is possible…

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Richard Stonier


"Energy6 gives me the freedom to train anywhere in the world. All the workouts allow me to incorporate additional sessions like running, functional work, gym sessions and long hikes. It has given me confidence to be proud of myself, raise my self-esteem and greatly help with my anxiety. Sharing these workouts and my personal visions to change a person's view towards lifestyle...even if it's just 1%, I'll take that."


"On any given day and no matter what's going on in life, Energy6 makes me feel uplifted and energised from the moment I start one of the workouts. The high energy that bounces off the screen is captivating and infectious.
At the end of a workout, that feeling of accomplishment and elation makes me feel like I can take on any challenge in life put in front of me; it's very powerful and surreal. Physically, Energy6 makes me feel so much fitter, leaner, stronger and more agile."


"Being a full-time mum of four boys (one being a baby) running a house plus the dog is hectic. Throw in the majority of the time, I do it alone which means time is limited. I like to exercise and feel healthy as it's important for my wellbeing. Yet, just like a lot of women and men in the same position, having time for yourself and hitting a gym just doesn't happen.
Energy6 gives me that intense hit I need at a time that suits me. I like to feel that 'class environment' being pushed and motivated all without leaving the house! Energy6 makes a happy mum!"



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